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E- Engineer/Producer

AE- Additional or Assistant Engineering

M- Mixer

MA- Master


Mouth for War - Bleed Yourself [EM][MNRK Heavy]

Gates to Hell - s/t - [MA][Maggot Stomp]

Frail Body - Titus [E|M]

High Priest - Invocation [EM][Magnetic Eye Records]

High Priest - My Wave [EM][Magnetic Eye - Superunknown Redux]

Crowning - Eyelet Split [EM|MA]

Buried Truth - Plague Sessions [EM|MA]

Absolute Truth - Where does it Start? [EM|MA]

Coronary - The future... Is Now [EM]

Melee - Demo [M|MA]

Lavisher - Stitcher [E|M]

Numerical Control Society - Moonshot [EM]

10tothechest/1body6graves/hamarr/phthisis 4 way split [MA]

Backlip - Slump [MA]

Blistered Spirit - Familiar Graves [MA]

Pure Bliss - The Age of Judgement [MA]

Biting Bullets - I AM [MA]

Shit Eating Grin - s/t EP [MA]

Locked Down - Twenty Two [M|MA]

Twin Prince - s/t [MA]

High Diver - Panacea [MA]

Clementine - Recall [E]

Nothin' But Enemies [UK][M]

Full Choke - The Fear [MA]



Inclination - Unaltered Perspective [E][Purse Noise Records]

Warforged - The Grove | Sundial [E|M|MA] [The Artisan Era]

Warforged - Essence of the Land / Two Demons - Remix/Remaster [The Artisan Era]

Tómarúm - Ashes In Realms of Stone [M][Prosthetic Records]

xWeaponX - Demo [MA]

Greed Worm - Hell Is Real [E|M|MA]

Knoll - Live @ St Vitus [Knotfest]  [MA]

Crowning - Split LP with Elysium [E|M|MA] [Zegema Beach]

The Eradicator - Forever the Eradicator [E|M]

Mertles Acres - The American Dream [M|MA]

Empty Cages - Betryal of Birth [MA]

Dead Sun Rising - As Above So Below [E|M|MA]

Luca - And Drown in the Undertow [E|M]

Nequient - Darker Than Death Or Night [E][Nefarious Industries]

Ghoul for a Goblin - Whatever That Means [MA]

Highdiver - Dim Light [MA]

Retribution - Forever an Outcast [MA]

Mouth For War - Reshaped [MA]

Trae D Roberts- Weighing Down On Me [MA]

Retribution - Forever an Outcast [MA]

Lavisher - Reverie [E|M]

Silvertone - Cold Exhale & You Know I never Listen [M|MA]

Lollygagger - Total Party Kill [E]


Knoll / Autolith - Split 7" [MA]

Knoll - Live At Roadburn Redux [MA]

The Goddamn Gallows - Call of the Void [E|M|MA]

Mouth For War - Life Cast In Glass [MA]

CUSS - Wilt [MA]

Blunt - Closure [MA]

Uglybones - Erasure - [E|M|MA]

Video Village - And Out Goes The Light [E|M]

Without Light- Marching Defector [M|MA]


Gates To Hell - Dismembered & Reconstructed [MA]

Gates To Hell - Death Display [MA]

Empty Cages- The Quest for Absolute Power [MA]

Rebuke - Failure to Succeed [MA]

Blind to Life - Iron Style [MA]

Bubbles Erotica - While You Wait [E|M|MA]

The Eradicator - Get Stoked [E|M|MA][Say-10 Records]

Silvertone - Hesitate [E|M|MA]

Silvertone - So Close To So Much [E|M|MA]

Silvertone - Accelerator [E|M|MA]


Crowning- Survival/Sickness [E|M|MA]

The Eradicator- Get Stoked! [E|M] Say-10 Records

Errant- s/t [E|M|MA]

Atomic Love- Killer Villain [E|M|MA]

Cloud Cruiser- I:Capacity [MA] Shuga Records

Downhearted- 16thSt Bridge / Cybertooth singles [E|M|MA]

Without Light- All The Kings Must Burn [M]

The Hyss- Extraterrestrial [E|M|MA]

High Priest- Cosmic Key [E|M|MA]

High Priest- Rain When I Die [E] Magnetic Eye Records "Dirt" Redux LP

Retirement Party- Runaway Dog [MA]

Negligent Genocide- Flattening the Curve [M|MA]

Atomic Love- Killer Villain [E|M|MA]

No Tongues for Quiet People- Joint Fortune [MA]

Victim of your Dreams - Crucified [MA]

Mindz Eye- Street Justice [MA]


Warforged- I:Voice [M] The Artisan Era Records

High Priest- Sanctum [E|M] Magnetic Eye Records

Something Is Waiting- Songs for the.... [E|M] Learning Curve Records

Frail Body- A Brief Memoriam [MA] Deathwish, Inc

Lavisher- Drastic Shadows [E|M] Nefarious Industries

Luca- Sink or Swim [E|M]

Disrotted- Cryogenics [E|M] Nerve Alter/Feast of Tentacles

Downhearted- Wild West Justice [E|M]

Rapscallion- Full Circle [E|M]

Mouth for War- An Ear Kept to the Ground [M|MA]

Numerical Control Society- Circular Reasoning for Squares [E|M]

The Eradicator- Peak Eradicator [E]

Sacred Monster- Worship the Weird [E|M]

Soy City Stranglers- Midwest Rock N Roll [M|MA]

Exalt- Burn for Me [Single][E|MA]

Harmless- Safe's Place [MA] Flesh & Bones Records

Mt. Pocono - Fear of the Suburbs... [MA]

Sourmouth- Sure / Bored [MA]

Time & Pressure- The Gateway City Sound [MA]

Melting Rot/Hacksaw/Disease- Horrendous Mess...... [Split][MA]

Deep Crush s/t EP [MA]

Dead Sun / No Sun- Split [MA]

Cut Both Ways- Selective Silence // Raging Sea [MA]

Psithurism- Bloodlust [Single][MA]

Indisposed- Mason Kid [Single][MA]

Jury of Fears- No Mercy [Single][E|M|MA]

Peacemaker (CO)- Product of the World [MA]


Wristmeetrazor- Misery Never Forgets [EDITING] Prosthetic Records

The Eradicator- The Court's Closed on Christmas [EM]

Thieves- Split LP w/Ox King [EM]

Barren Plains- Radiant Gift [EM]

Bruise- Grief Ritual [M]

Ugly Bones- Sunshine [EM|MA]

Barren Heir- Tracing Light [EM] split LP w/Cokegoat

Crowning- Split 7" w/Swallow's Nest [EM]

Scientist- Barbelith [E]

Downhearted- Artificial Integrity [EM]

Nequient- Wolves at the Door [EM]

Dead Sun - Extemporary (single) [MA]

Bleach Party- Entertain Yourself (single) [MA]

Cloud Cruiser- Glow (single) [MA]



Without Waves- Lunar [E] Prosthetic Records

Rig Time!- War [EM] Innerstrength Records

The Eradicator- S/T [E] Stonewalled Records

Bad Mechanics- Precious Moments in the USA [EM] Stonewalled Records

Atonement Theory- Illumination [E: Vocal Production | M|MA] IDefy Records

Engines- Obsolete [E:Vocal Production]Forge Again Records

ChooChoo- Goes to Space [E]

Marmora- Criterion [EM]

Capital Offense- Captive (single) [M]

Crowning- Funeral Designs [EM]

Disrotted- Split w/Ledge [EM]

Disrotted- Split w/IRN [EM|MA]

Stondar- S/T - [EM]

Bubbles Erotica- S/T [E: Drum Production]

Savagery- Split w/Smash Potater [EM|MA]

Face of Evil- Sinner [single][M|MA]

Face of Evil- Detriment [single][M|MA]

Jury of Fears- Deadbeat [single][EM|MA]

A Midnight Grace- Deceit [single][EM]



Exalt- The Shape You Took... [E] Good Fight Entertainment

Like Rats- II [AE] Southern Lord Records

Wicked World- Witch Hunt [M] Innerstrength Records

Something Is Waiting- S/T [EM] The Path Less Traveled Records

High Priest- Consecration [EM]

Thrawsunblat- Metachthonia [E: Drum Production] Ignifera Records

The Burst & Bloom: S/T [EM]

The Arsonist: S/T [EM]

Barren Heir- Tired Turns [EM]

Nice Things- Unusual [EM]

Capital Offense- S/T [M]

Rig Time!- Sick of It [EM]

Aped- My Only Way [EM]

Air Raid- Something Awful [EM]
Pregnancy Pact- A Better Hill to Die On [EM]

Bad Mechanics- Must be a Suburb 7” [EM]

ChooChoo- Over Winter [E]



Immortal Bird- Empress/Abscess [E]

Trials- This Ruined World [E]

Nequient- Infinite Regress [EM|MA]

Lowered A.D.- Before Metal Was Cool: Compilation [EM] Unbeaten Records

Oceans Over Airplanes- Young Nights [M]

Short Fuse- S/T [EM]

Mexican Werewolf- Luck [EM|MA]

Disrotted- Split w/SU19b [EM|MA]

Kastasyde- Gnosis [E: Drum Production]

Camel Heavy- S/T [EM|MA]

Caesar- No Cure [single][M|MA]



Exalt- Pale Light [E] New Damage Records

Cut Teeth- Night Years [E] Topshelf Records

Jar'd Loose- Turns 13 [EM] A Path Less Traveled Records

False Light- Forced by Flame 7” [EM]

Roman Ring Babel [E]

Gunner's Daughter- Flowers & The Earth [EM]

ChooChoo- All Abroad [EM]

Bubbles Erotica- Elephants Never Forget [EM]

Hundred Heads- In The East [E]

K.K. Rampage- S/T [EM]

Victim to Victor- Your Madness [single][EM|MA]



Weekend Nachos- Still [AE] Relapse Records

Mount Salem - Endless [EM] Metal Blade Records

The Disease Concept - Your Destroyer [E] Nuclear Blast Records

Minor Characters- Heal Me, Healing Times [EM] Jurassic Pop Records

Dripping Slits- Krokodil Rock [E]

Yes or No- This State [EM]

Moneydudetazo- Round 1 Mixtape [EM|MA]




Sun Cellar - Abstraction [EM]

Jar'd Loose - Goes To Purgatory [EM] Cassette Deck Media

The Ox King – S/T [EM]

Weekend Nachos - Split 7" w/ Lack of Interest [AE]

Like Rats - S/T LP [AE] A389 Records

Dripping Slits - 7" Split w/She Rides [EM] Negative Fun Records

Marmora - Forever Ripped Forever Loaded 7" [EM]

The Infected - The Party [E]

The Infected - The After Party [E]

Bedouins- EP [EM|MA] 2012

Matias- Electro Hot Shot [EM]

Air Raid - 2012 EP [EM|MA]

Young Death - Winter Without End [E]



Veil of Maya – Homefront: Songs for the Resistance Soundtrack [EM|MA] THQ Games

Fireworks – Bonfires [E: Bass Production] Run For Cover/Triple Crown Records

Weekend Nachos – Worthless [AE] Relapse Records

Tension Generation – Rid The World [EM]

War Brides – Terminus [EM]

Thieves – I [M|MA][2011 Remix]

Thieves – II [EM|MA]

Dripping Slits – Short Skirts & Long Nights [EM|MA]

Pig Champion - Grief [E]

Pig Champion – Oppression Breeds Violence [E]

Hate – Cyborg Split 7” [EM|MA]

No Zodiac – Burn in Hell [EM]

Psychopathic Daze – s/t [EM|MA]



Weekend Nachos – Bleed [E] Relapse

Centaurus – Pulse [EM]

The Infected – Battled [EM]

Iron Rain – Silent Sins [EM] Panic|HSIN

Ithaca – 1920 [EM|MA]

Iron Reminders – s/t [EM|MA] Plastic Airlines

Thunderunderus – Weapon of Mass Seduction [EM|MA]

Nomadic – Where the Corpse Is, There the Vultures Gather [EM|MA]


2009 & earlier

Weekend Nachos – Unforgivable [AE] Relapse

This Time Next Year – Road Maps & Heart Attacks [Preproduction] Equalvision Records

Thunderunderus – Bad Assets [EM]

Slowhorse – Rusher [EM|MA]

Tension Generation – Youth Destroyer [EM]

Blessed Ones – s/t [EM|MA]

Under Anchor – Peace of Mind [EM|MA]

Resolve – Won't Stand By [EM|MA]

Hate – II [EM|MA]

Hate – I [EM|MA]

Devil's Pie – Ophiuchus [EM|MA]

2*Sweet – Burning Alive in the Prairie State [E]

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